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FAQ's and technical details.
Residential Design Process
Commercial customers

It's all in the details.................

    Mostly behind the scenes stuff here, but those things mean alot too. When you team up with NohrCo,LLC to create your project drawings, we are one of many consultants or contractors that may be involved in your project. Here are a few things you may be interested in.

    For our "owner" customers, it's important to have a set of plans before you shop for a contractor, builder etc. This gives you the freedom to explore many builders, options, fees, materials etc. based on "your" plans. This allows you to compare and shop apples to apples. For Homes, Cabins, single family dwellings, please see our sample projects for examples of a typical plan set. Also see our fee schedule for a complete discription of whats included in a set of plans.

For our Commercial Clients;

    Want your name and logo on the drawings? Let us know if you would prefer having your information on the headline, we do it for many customers. 

Consultant title block



    Many of our customers have their own drawing preferences, or standards, and some aren't aware there is such a thing. But, there is. For drafters, it's like     following the building codes, good drafters and CAD techs adhere to some tight rules when creating proper drawings.
    If you have a standard, we'll be happy to follow it for your project. If not, we will use the appropriate industry accepted standard for your project. Most     common and most widely accepted building design standard is, the National CAD Standard, currently NCS V6, which we use most often.
    Most municipalities, zoning departments etc. require at least one complete standard set of building drawings, and an energy performance calculation         report when applying for a building permit. We always design to code or better and can provide the correct documents for permitting. Here's a link to         whats typically included.

    Shop stuff..................

    NohrCo, LLC Cad screen residential CAD

    Most of the process is electronic. We use fast computers with big monitors, CAD software for the drawing and calculations and large format printers          for the printing.
    Some of our customers are professional Architects and Engineers who still draw on the board. We often convert paper drawings or sketches to CAD for     them and many of our customers. There are alot of benefits to todays drafting and design technology. If you have a sketch or paper drawing that you         would like converted to an electronic format, let us know.

The big, little things................

    Over the years we have learned to accomodate a variety of customer preferences. Want your drawings rolled? or folded? Do you want blue lines instead     of black? Do you need additional resources, engineers, designers, consultants? We have a wide network of professionlas at your service.
    We can plot drawings in color or monochrome, any size up to 24"X150'. Most common is the "D" size sheet, 24"X36" or  "B" 11"X17"
    Need the drawings emailed or delivered? We do that too, in the format you prefer.
    Need other building information?, products, sources, contacts?, we've been there, so don't hesitate to ask.

NohrCo, LLC